How to use ExitLag to play Odin Valhalla Rising

  • What is ExitLag? ExitLag is a premium high-speed software that helps reduce your ping and access games over private networks.
  • How it works: Pro gamers choice when lag sets in, improve FPS and generate more stability. ExitLag has an innovative system of multiple routes that allows several simultaneous connections in complete safety to your game servers in different countries

If the game you want to play has territory restriction – IP Block, this Software can easily Bypass that restriction – IP Block

  • EXITLAG is not FULL VPN, this mean that if you use EXITLAG and play Odin Valhalla Rising Korea, only the Game traffic will be directed to Korea, if you use your browser, YouTube, etc, it show you the content of your country.

On the other hand, a VPN FULL or VPN FREE (Free), convert ALL the traffic of your PC to the region that you select, for example Korea, we mean that if you use your browser or YouTube, the content you will see will be from the region to which you connected your VPN, you will have more latency and difficulty using other software, like Discord.

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Create an account

Now you can enjoy the 3 Free Days, without any credit card card or paypal data, or paying anything at all. After 3 days you can subscribe if you wish, here we leave the information. To receive the 20% discount on your subscription, always enter through this link

Select the plan you want

Select the Payment method. This is the most important part, where it says promo code write ODIN to receive the 20% discount on your subscription.

Now download Exitlag and log in with your account

Open Exitlag and select Odin Valhalla Rising

  • Search the list of games for Odin Valhalla Rising
  • Remember that the game or launcher is active when it has the red circle. 

Once selected, look for a route with the lowest Ping, in this case KR Seoul01. To apply the configuration click on APPLY ROUTES.

Done! You can start playing now!



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