Odin Link Feature Update

Kakao Games announced an update for Odin Link remote access service, which allows players to control the game on PC from mobile devices. This update should have arrived along with the latest patch on March 15, but due to some reported issues it was delayed.

This remote access service update fixes some of the issues reported by users:

  • Client crashed when trying to upgrade skills
  • If you didn’t have the option “connect automatically after update” checked in the PC game launcher, you couldn’t restart the game from Odin Link.

These issues should be fixed after the implementation of the Odin Link patch.

How to use Odin Link in Odin: Valhalla Rising

Enable Odin Link option from PC launcher

Start the game from PC launcher

Once the game has started on PC, access the Odin Link URL from your cell phone

Run Odin Link and enjoy remote play!


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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