Odin Valhalla Rising Gameplay and more game details

Kakao Games published new videos of the MMORPG Odin Valhalla Rising at G Star 2020.

Below, you can find the new trailer and part of the Odin Valhalla Rising Gameplay

Odin Valhalla Rising Characteristics

Odin’s first feature named by the developers at Lionheart Studiosis a completely open map with no loading screens and «absolute horizon visibility» movement. The action will take place in a fantasy northern Europe and promise different biomes/continents, inspired by four worlds from Scandinavian mythology: Midgard, Jotunheim, Nidavellir and Alfheim

Video about the 4 Continents
Midgard, Jotunheim, Nidavellir, Alfheim

Each territory has at its disposal interesting NPCs, monsters, bosses, cities. It is not yet known if there are plans to add locations based on other worlds, but they will most likely appear.

The authors then discussed in-game lighting. Lionheart Studio emphasized that it has applied revolutionary lighting technology based on research and testing, which will help to fully convey the feeling of Scandinavian mythology. 

Odin Valhalla Rising Class Information

Then the concept art of the four classes that should appear in the game was shown (can be seen below). Hee Sung Jong, in charge of the animation, said that the warrior will have a crude design with an emphasis on weight, the sorceress will be «sexy», the rogue will be a «handsome fighter» and the priestess will be «cute and modest with a touch of charm». Between classes, a balance and well-developed roles are promised.

Motion capture and 3D reading technologies were used to create models of characters, monsters, numerous animations, and costumes. For example, many of the armors are authentic medieval knight weapons, realistically modeled and textured by 3D scanning. The same goes for a large number of emotions, damage to the bodies of monsters and other elements.

The developers emphasize that the game’s setting will be Nordic and the last two trailers should have conveyed some of this atmosphere. In the trailer, we see a giant tree and various creatures, all in full size. Including the Jormungand snake shown at the end, we will be smaller than his tooth.

The authors plan to continue to strive for the highest quality of existing mobile games and the greatest degree of freedom and uniqueness.


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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