ODIN Valhalla Rising | New Gameplay Trailer 4K resolution

Just a few days ago, a new Korean developer, Lionheart Studio, announced the first 4 playable classes for their upcoming MMORPG game,  ODIN: Valhalla Rising. Today, a new trailer was revealed! While the original teaser trailer had no gameplay, this official game trailer shows the story, in-game cinematography, and the actual game as well (but without the player interface)! 

Designed with the powerful Unreal Engine 4, ODIN: Valhalla Rising is based on the Nordic mythology, depicting the long war between humans, demons and gods.

ODIN: Valhalla Rising is developed for PC and mobile platforms. As mentioned above, a main feature of ODIN: Valhalla Rising is the open world with no interruptions or loading time when traveling from one region to another (except perhaps for dungeons). Players can explore places like Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Alfheim, and many more. You will be familiar with this concept if you are a fan of Ragnarok Online or Marvel’s movies.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es Odin-Valhalla-Rising-screenshot-2-1024x512.png
La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es Odin-Valhalla-Rising-screenshot-3-1024x512.png


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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