Odin Valhalla Rising Showcase Highlights, Release Date, Classes, Gameplay and More Information

Today Kakao Games held a 13 minute «live» showcase about their upcoming MMORPG. In words of Kakao CEO «This will be the best MMORPG of 2021»

Here’s the list of the stream highlights as well some additional information:

  • The game is releasing on June 29th for mobile and PC ONLY in Korea (No news about a global release..)
  • PC Version will have enhanced graphics.
  • The game will have Guild Raid Dungeons and instanced Dungeons.
  • You can currently reserve your name and pick a server, however you can change this at launch.
  • The game is an open world with no loading screens in which you will be able to ride mounts on the fly to traverse it.
  • The game will have 4 classes at launch, Warrior, Rouge, Priest and Sorceress, important to note that classes will be genderlocked.
  • Combat isn’t full auto. But it’s still some sort of Tab-target.
  • The game will have heavy focus in storytelling.

We will be working in a guide of how to play the game once it comes out.

You can currently pre-register in here for additional goods in game once it release, click here to check a video of how to register.

Thanks to _ggjennifer#0001 for part of the translations.


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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