A new ODIN: Valhalla Rising trailer shows the world of Alfheim

The developers of the MMORPG ODIN: Valhalla Rising have published a new trailer on their English YouTube channel. The video entitled «Alfheim Tour (2021 edition)» is dedicated to Alfheim, another of the nine worlds of Norse mythology. You can see the vast place and its hostile inhabitants, with whom you have to fight.

Have you heard of Alfheim?

«Enhanced by Yggdrasil’s magical life energy, Alfheim is home to many unique life forms. Among them, are the mystical elves.

Believing in self-reliance along with little to no trust towards outsiders, the elves have shut themselves away from rest for the world.

Well, I have some connections so I’ve managed to visit there a few times. Would you like to have a short tour of this divine land as well?
» – wrote CM Aska in the description of the video.

You can also see the Midgard and Jotunheim Tours.


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