ODIN Valhalla Rising FAQs

Greetings Risers,
We gathered some questions that many of you might have about ODIN: Valhalla Rising.

Remember that the answers are relevant to the Korean version of the game.
Various changes might be applied in the global version.
We will do our best to notify you about such changes if and when they are

Q: What kind of game is ODIN?

A: Based on Norse mythology, ODIN is an MMORPG which supports cross-play on both PC & mobile.

Q: Is ODIN a Free To Play game?

A: Yes! You can download and enjoy ODIN
for free on both PC & mobile.

Q: When do we get to see ODIN’s global launch?

A: There is still no specific date but make sure to visit our official social media channels often (Like this Facebook page) to get the latest news & developments about ODIN.

Q: Which classes are available in ODIN?

A: Currently, four classes are available: rogue, priest, sorceress, and warrior. However, we plan to add additional classes in the future.

Q: Why did you put an “autoplay” function in the game?

A: The “autoplay” function is a means of convenience and is very common in other mobile RPG games. However, manual play will be beneficial in many ways which include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Conditional Skills (name subject to change)- Each class will have its own unique skill which can be used if certain conditions are met during PVE or PVP battles. While those skills can have a huge effect during battle, they can be activated only by playing the game manually.
  2. Exploration Quests – some of the sub-quests will require you to search for specific locations and/or NPCs without using ‘autoplay’ or ‘auto pathing’.
  3. Boss Monsters – many boss monsters have strong AOE attacks which can only be avoided by playing the game manually. Avoiding these attacks will increase your chance of defeating those bosses.
  4. Treasure Chests – You can find valuable treasures by simply exploring the world. Run, jump & climb as you search for that treasure that might make you a whole lot stronger.
    Q: I got banned from the Korean version of the game for using an emulator and VPN. I did nothing wrong. Why did I got banned?
    A: First of all, we would like to thank everyone who spent time and energy playing the Korean version of Odin.
    We imagine that the whole process wasn’t easy as almost everything was in a language you are not familiar with. We would also like to thank the Korean players who helped the global ones with translations and for all their help with the language barrier in general.
    As for the ban of those who used emulators and/or VPN, this was an unavoidable step. The reason was a massive RMT activity (diamonds sellers) which was mostly held outside of Korea. These kinds of practices are extremely harmful to the game and its community. By banning the use of both VPN and emulators, we were able to minimize the scale of such activities, preventing additional damage in the process.
    We do, however, understand that many legitimate players were hurt in the process, as
    they are no longer able to access the Korean version of the game. Unfortunately, we can not offer those players any solution in regards to accessing the Korean version of the game in the future.
    However, that doesn’t mean that the global players are not importhant to us. We are working on Odin’s global version as hard as we can. We will do everything in our ability to deliver a game that is worth waiting for. All we ask in return is that you will give us a little more time. In addition, feel free to share with us any feedback, thoughts, or impressions you got while playing the Korean version of Odin: Valhalla Rising.

-CM Aska


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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