A new ODIN: Valhalla Rising tráiler shows the world of Nidavellir

The developers of the MMORPG ODIN: Valhalla Rising have published a new trailer on their English YouTube channel. The video entitled «Nidavellir Tour (2021 edition)» is dedicated to Nidavellir, another of the nine worlds of Norse mythology. You can see the vast place and its hostile inhabitants, with whom you have to fight.

Hello Risers,

Do you like cold weather? I hope you do because we are going to visit a super cold area named Nidavellir. This land is full of snow and ice but underneath, it is filled with rich minerals and other valuable materials.If the cold didn’t bother you anyway⛄, be sure to watch out for all kinds of traps scattered in the snowy mountains of Nidavellir. Who set those traps? The dwarves who live in this area. They are not very fond of visitors thus they decided to create all of those «welcome gifts».

The dwarves created their village deep underground where it is much warmer. Do not be fooled by their little bodies. Many among the dwarves are considered to be master craftsmen and can create all kinds of special weapons and other unique artifacts.Shall we pay a quick visit to Nidavellir?

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