Kakao Games investigates alleged use of illegal programs in Odin Valhalla Rising

An investigation was opened in the Korean version of the MMORPG Odin: Valhalla Rising published by Kakao Games and developed by Lionheart Studio, due to the probable use of cheats by some users.

According to the Odin community, videos appeared on YouTube in which the use of illegal programs can be seen. The Odin team is investigating whether or not cheats were actually used.

Two types of illegal programs were identified through this investigation, the first of which, despite being illegal, does not seem to have had any consequences in the game. But another program would modify the movement and speed of the attacks.

Kakao Games is investigating the suspected cases and will take the time necessary to determine the truth of the allegations, so that players of Odin: Valhalla Rising are not harmed.

«As soon as the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate action for accounts that use illegal programs.»

In addition, the investigation will be complemented by looking for traces of illegal use of programs in other situations that have also been reported, such as the automatic loot.

«We will verify all game videos and logs and will sanction all accounts involved.»


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