Kakao Games takes control of Odin Valhalla Rising

Kakao Games Becomes the Majority Shareholder of Lionheart, Creators of Odin Valhall Rising

When the MMORPG Odin: Valhalla Rising was revealed, many gamers were impressed by the details and potential of the game. And of course, that ended up putting its developer, Lionheart Studio, in the spotlight. Later, the company closed a deal with Kakao Games to publish the title in South Korea, and it seems that now, the plans for a global version have just gained momentum. After all, the publisher decided to bet on the study and became its main shareholder.

Through an official statement, Kakao Games confirmed that it became the owner of 54.95% of the shares of Lionheart Studio and, consequently, took control of the company. With that, we can say that now the publisher also owns Odin: Valhalla Rising and will be able to make all the decisions regarding the release and development of the game. In a way, this could be great news, since we are talking about a company that has a global presence, which could make it easier to launch the MMORPG outside of South Korea.

It’s also worth mention that it was Kakao Games’ decision to impose an IP block for certain regions when the MMORPG Elyon was released. Therefore, it can be said that there is a chance that Odin: Valhalla Rising will have a global version, but with access available for a select group of regions ( IP-Block ).

In any case, it is still early to know what Kakao Games intends to do with Odin Valhalla Rising, so we can only keep an eye on the news. We hope that the Odin Valhalla Rising is IP-Block free and available to everyone, without any restrictions.


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