New details on ODIN Valhalla, 2021

Today 8th of February Kakao Games held its 4Q2020 conference call in which we got a bit more of insight in their upcoming projects.

Kakao Games after the launch of Elyion in KR securing a revenue of 8.9 million dollars, Kakao Games CEO expressed its intent to expand all its current titles to other markets.

Sadly for us Odin Valhalla enthusiasts we still have to wait a bit more on our bench for a release date.

«In terms of new launch titles on schedule, for ODIN, Korean version is scheduled for 2Q 2021 while for the Taiwanese version makret we aim for the 2nd Half of the year release» – KAKAO GAMES

An interesting question was uttered during the call regarding ODIN which was answered by Kakao Games CEO:

Question: “What is the unique and differentiation factor that distinguishes Odin from other competing game titles, also what are your key end game content that this game title focuses on?»

Answer (paraphrased):«Soon we will have an opportunity to show you the very specific features that this game really offers, but you would know that this title in based in Nordic mythology it offers very strong story as well as game Universe we think that’s going to work as a very big and significant appeal to the player base, if you look at the capabilities to the Lionheart dev team they both offer high level of graphics and action gameplay characteristic, which is rarely present in current MMOs for the end game content its PVP, we will announce more details in the near future«

«Domestic» stands for Korean market.

As of this moment it seems that we aren’t get our hands in the game in our markets. But as always, we will find our way to try the game at least in other markets.

On the other hand, if you are also looking forward to play Elyon, Kakao Games has planned to release this new MMORPG sometime in the 2nd Half of 2021.

Check the latest trailer below:


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