Odin Valhall Rising Have you ever been to Midgard?

Have you ever been to Midgard?

This land was given to the humans by the gods. The weather here tends to be quite cold but if the sun shines upon you, it can warm you up a little. The most beautiful thing about Midgard is the magnificent castles, surrounded by vast green lands.

And the humans?

Well, most of them are just trying to live their daily lives. But few brave ones can no longer turn a blind eye to what Loki is trying to do.

What about you, Risers? Which group of humans do you belong to?
How about we go for a quick visit to Midgard so you can see everything yourself?

Oh! If you see Roskkba, can you please send her my regards?
She is so sweet & kind. Feel free to ask her if you need any help!

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