ODIN Valhalla Rising – 2nd Q&A session

Hello Risers, It’s time for our 2nd Q&A session. Got more questions? Other things you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below! Let us begin:

Q: Are there any news about the global release?

A: We have news to share indeed! Recently, we chose Kakao Games to be Odin Valhalla Rising’s publisher, for both the Taiwanese & global versions of the game. Kakao Games has an enormous amount of experience and in publishing games, both within and outside South Korea.

In addition, Kakao Games is our game’s publisher in South Korea. Our journey together has been, so far, overwhelmingly successful. We are looking forward to continuing that journey and seeing what the future holds for both of us. Last but not least, Odin is scheduled to release in Taiwan during the first quarter of next year (2022). The global release is expected to take place right after the Taiwanese one.

Q: Are you going to remove the «autoplay» option from the global version of the game?

A: We are still considering that option and have yet to make a final decision on the matter.

Q: Do you guys work on additional projects, other than Odin Valhalla Rising?

A: Yes! We recently revealed that we are working on a couple of new titles, in addition to Odin Valhalla Rising.

Q: Can you share more information about the new projects? What kind of games are they? Which platforms will they be available on?

A: Those projects are still in a very early stage of development. When the right time comes, we will gladly reveal more information.

Q: Are we going to see anything about Odin in this year’s G-star game convention?
A: Yes you will! G-star is South Korea’s biggest game convention and since Kakao Games are one of the main sponsors of this year’s convention, Odin is going to be ‘The Star’ of G star! ?~CM Aska

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