ODIN Valhalla Rising: A new Nordic MMORPG

Odin Valhalla Rising was first revealed last August by Lionheart Studio, a South Korean-based new developer founded by gaming industry veteran Kim Jae Young. Lionheart Studio officially previewed its inaugural game, a  mobile MMORPG  known at early stages as  Project Odin, developed on Unreal Engine 4.

Odin Valhalla Rising is touted as the «first mobile game to use 3D scanning and motion capture for realistic and immersive gameplay.»

The game is currently planned to launch in South Korea later this year.

Odin is based on Nordic mythology, and you may be familiar with names like Odin, Freyja, Loki, and the famous Thor.  You can even see Yggdrasil near the end of the trailer!. As seen from the trailer and screenshots, Project Odin features magnificent scenaries and monsters of all sizes. Kim Jae Young also stated that Odin is an «ultra realistic» game. Stay tuned for any new updates!

First 4 Playable Classes


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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