Odin Valhalla Rising Launches «Odin Link»: Remotely Control Your PC Character

The MMORPG Odin: Valhalla Rising adds the Odin Link feature, which will allow you to remotely control your PC character via a mobile app when autoplay is activated.

Odin: Valhalla Rising is a cross-platform MMORPG, which can be played on both PC and mobile platforms. And like many cross-platform MMORPGs, Odin features an autoplay option for more repetitive activities like following quest paths, farming, and even venturing into certain dungeons. Linked with the automatic function, now comes Odin Link. 

Odin Link is a feature built into the KakaoTalk app (from the Kakao group, whose subsidiary  Kakao Games is the parent of Loinheart) that allows you to monitor your character’s activity on the PC versionYou can keep in touch with the other players in your party and also receive notifications when the autoplaying character has a problem, for example if he dies or his inventory is full .

Odin Valhalla Rising is expected to arrive in late 2023 .

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