Odin Valhalla Rising | Priest’s diary, Diary Part 3

Odin Valhalla Rising developers are very active on their Facebook page, and it seems they started to share with us a bit about the Odin Valhalla Rising Classes .

Odin’s Classes – part 3 of 4

From the Priest’s diary:

I don’t for how long I can keep up with being that cheerful priest when I see so many who suffer from what Loki is trying to do.

Sometimes I just want to grab a hammer and smash his minions! I wish to be a divine fighter, a PALADIN, and let them feel the burn of some holy magic.

But maybe those dark times are just a test for the light inside me. A test for my faith, devotion, and will to heal the wounded.

After all, even the mightiest warrior may fall. If it happens, it will take someone special to resurrect him. It will take a SAINT!

What path should I walk?


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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