Odin Valhalla Rising | Rogue’s diary, Diary Part 1

Odin Valhalla Rising developers are very active on their Facebook page, and it seems they started to share with us a bit about the Odin Valhalla Rising Classes .

In this first part of four, we will talk a little about the Rogue class diary .

Odin’s Classes – part 1 of 4

From the Rogue’s diary:

Naughty, naughty Loki…you’ve been causing lots of trouble lately. What will be the best way to put you to eternal sleep? Will rain of arrows be enough?

Perhaps I should refocus my training and become an ASSASSIN! That way, I’ll make sure to stick enough daggers in your body!

Then again, maybe I should just upgrade my bow skills and become a SNIPER so that the rain of arrows will be just the beginning.

What should I do?

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Class Priest

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