Odin Valhalla Rising Shows-off New Trailer and Classes Gameplay

We finally have some new information regarding Odin Valhalla Rising…. in Korea.

Today Kakao Games showed new videos about the game, firstly starting with the pre-registration for Korean players via Google Store and App Store giving away unsurprisingly in-game goodies, like coins, scrolls and accessories aside other activities like invite a friend to receive rewards.

Sadly, no news about the PC version or Western release, but regardless, check the amazing cinematic trailer showing some of the classes in CGI glory and a tremendous clash of armies with the appearances of some Nordic Gods like Thor and Odin, making some just to a previous statement by Kakao Games regarding the heavy focus in story for Odin Valhalla Rising:

The site also was updated with a slide showing some of the classes and some trailers showing some thunder of gameplay for the first time!

The Warrior:

The Sorceress:

The Rogue:

The Priest:

As previously stated, this is just focusing in the mobile version of the game. We hope that Kakao Games unveils more information regarding the PC version shortly after.

Lastly, the game is expected to be released in Korea by June 30 of 2021 according to the app store details:


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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