Odin Valhalla Rising | Sorceress’s diary, Diary Part 4

Odin Valhalla Rising developers are very active on their Facebook page, and it seems they started to share with us a bit about the Odin Valhalla Rising Classes .

Odin’s Classes – part 4 of 4

From the sorceress’s diary:

Elemental magic is strong but after seeing what Loki and his minions can do, I’m not sure it would be enough. Perhaps it’s time for some dark magic so I can harness the power of poison and curses. Wouldn’t it be nice to become a DARK WIZARD?

But maybe if I will put more focus on Elemental magic, I might be stronger than I am now. Harnessing the full power of the elements sounds exciting! Perhaps becoming an ARCHMAGE isn’t a bad idea after all.

What should I choose?


Class Rogue

Class Warrior

Class Sorceress

Class Priest

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