ODIN VALHALLA RISING: We are more than happy and proud to introduce you: GGJENNIFER!

We are more than happy and proud to introduce you:GGJENNIFER! Jennifer is a Korean content creator who lives in South Korea, yet her content is in English and her community consists of members from all around the world. She plays various Korean games (Odin is one of them). You could say that Jennifer is a cultural bridge between the Korean game industry and global players…we think she is way more than that! Why?

1. Knowledge – While the Korean language is her mother tongue, Jennifer is fluent in English and has no problem engaging in any conversation, especially when it comes to gaming. That makes her a huge source of help for those who wish to play Odin in the future. She’s been playing the Korean version of the game from day -1 and has tons of experience. By being part of her community, you can learn ALOT and become an expert even before the actual global launch!

2. Skill & Passion – Jennifer doesn’t shy away from competitive gameplay. At the same time, She knows her limits and carefully chooses her battles as she wishes to prevent her allies from getting hurt. She is also proof that passion and dedication can overcome many obstacles. Jennifer used to be the head of a guild that consisted of Risers from all over the world. However, when Kakao Games decided to ban anyone who uses VPN, there were not enough people and the guild was put to a halt. Jennifer found a new guild, climbed up the leadership ladder, and is now the leader of this very guild! Any future global Risers can learn and get inspired by her.

3. Professionalism & Modesty – While she has many strengths, Jennifer doesn’t let any of this get into her head. We have been monitoring various social media platforms and channels where Jennifer had many interactions with all kinds of people. Jennifer is always respectful, kind, helpful and if she comes across a different opinion, she would go and do additional research (if needed) and would have no problem admitting that she was wrong (although she is usually right )

4. Funny & Friendly – last but not least, looking at how she interacts with her viewers while streaming, shows how funny and down-to-earth Jennifer is, even when she streams. Streaming is not easy as it may seem and requires a lot of attention and focus on many different things, simultaneity. However, Jennifer still manages to provide a funny, relaxed, and cozy atmosphere to her streams.

Go check her YouTube channel now and see for yourself! Don’t forget to check her videos about Odin as well:


~CM Aska


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